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Funny video. Awesome song. ...Tight pants. Haha, everything a rock star needs. Bad Ass, Love it.

NIce man, nice job its feels nice in the hear, i feel like this is old school rock, very classic

Ivo Xavier


Hi Rudy,

You´re allways the best.


Artur and Yolanda


Hi Rudy,

Good to hear from you, We loved the song... Hows the season going in Portugal ??? We wish we were there !!!!

Love Ceri And Gary

Olá Rudy. Ficou muito boa a gravação. És um bom musico e um óptimo entretener. Abraços e obrigado pela ajuda.
Ivo Lança

Ciao!!!! Complimenti per il video! Anche qua va tutto bene!!! Un bacione a te e a Patrizia! ciaooooo

S U P E R!!!!!!!!proprio bello , a proposito io ho iniziato ieri la partecipazione ad un coro???!!!!!!Qualora ti servisse una voce........Eccomi!!!
Ganz unbekannt Seite von Dir, zumindest mir. Hört sich sehr gut an, Gratulation

LG, Ingo aus Bonn

Olá Rudy,

Estás em grande! Está fixe. Grande guitarrada!

Um grande abraço, Rui

I’m smoothed by the music of you, thank you for giving me that beautiful gesture so alive...and full of life.

nice sound of that song, I’m very impressed, sure appreciate it.

Thanks so much Rudy....That was an cool video.....Did the violin have a pick-up or was it it just natural acoustics?......It sounded awesome!.....


your full of good sounds of life, i like, respect

loved the scenery in your video !

Hihihihihi! That was really cool! Nice idea for the video, thank you!!

HEHEHE... you is very good... please sent me your video for my comments

U R SO SUPER!!!! See good things do come my way even if some bad happens first. Keep on Shining Rudy!! ciao my new blessing. xoxoxo

Look who’s talking, you are a multi faceted musician and performer. Best to you and who knows, the next time I’m in the UK maybe I’ll get to see you work your magic!!! Cheers Luv;

Music sounds cool! Cool message,

You play one mean guitar!

Loving the new track Out of the trough. Keep on Rockin!!!.

I love this video, and the song !!! I watch the video, and spend the rest of the day walking around singing "East and West.... Peace is the best !" Many Hugs,

your songs heard jimi hendrix and love with your heart can hear you plalying, i sing, peace never had much of chance until we began the one people dance........

I think you have some really good ideas there

hi i like all the songs you have

I saw that you are a friend of Earth.

enjoyed the video. hope Lisbon’s treating you properly.

awesome groove going on there!!! it....

your super gay.. luvs it

cool vid, love the background props!

Ciao parli italiano?Ho visto il tuo video Grandioso sempre pace amico mio e cosi che bisogna fare.....

you’re sweet! you rock!

... very fun! well done..;-)

..I love your music and I am gonna share too....

hey, you guys are bombastic! bless u! guys, i love your statement. fantastic.

Ihr macht ganz gute sachen.

Aww, so nicey-nice my Rudy is.

sono contenta!!!mi piace la tua musica e sono sicura e spero che tornerai a trovarci!!

You remind me of that John Lennon song, Imagine, hehe. That’s my favorite John Lennon song, so be happy, ha.

Aww, that’s so cute. Rudy’s a cutie, ha.

Peace IS the best..... thanks for putting it to music !!!!

I DO sing with you damnit!!!

Hey thanks! Luv’d the video! Gonna post a link on my page to it for ya!—Or try. Peace  ^_^

Thanks sooo much ...... you have an awesome sound thanks for sharing it with the world......

I like your sound and I like your spirit!!

Nice stuff, Rudy!

You are strange but its all good.

Yep!! RESTONICA sounds good indeed! Respects guys! R´n´R.

Haha!! I am officially Restonica’s favorite fan.

You keep putting this song in bulletins. Over and over again. I can’t get the damn song out of my head now!! Do you know how distracting that is at school?! Haha. Love your tunes.

Wow, cool! Thanks so much

dig the new music...

brilliant music! You have a new fan!

You make very good music and the amazing voice !!! your new fan Renata

Sounds like you’re having a good bit of fun and excitement!

like what I hear.. thanks.xoox

East and West is a great song.....excellent arrangement with a positive message...the video looks exciting.......that must have been a good time shooting the footage.....looks like a lot of effort and work went into it......

Wow!....Great production on the video!.......from top to bottom .........they did nice work....I enjoyed it very much.......... I see you like Charvels........excellent guitars..... I’m sure you’re happy and excited that you have finished......I’m looking forward to more..... Peace is the Best,

Thank you so much! The kids loved the video as well!

Love your idea,will you do more of the peace idea.Im willing to marsch with you!!!!!!

Love this video! Hugs to you!

Such good vibrations come from your way. I wish you the best success, always!

Love your music by the by.

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