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Rudy Jacket

☮♥☥∞∞ ☯ Rudy Jacket ☆ ☸ ミ ☯ ☮

Rudy Jacket,minestrel of the road,

apostle of the angels in this day.

Untied,unhidden,dressed up

with a hat,your glasses and the boots.

With two movements,a joke and a serenade,

you show us life´s meaning.

Rudy Jacket,you´re good to look at,

and like a refrain on the stage of the asphalt

you even seduce the tears.

Unconstrained in language and body

on the walls,the bridges you´re always involved.

Rudy Jacket,in the places,the desert,the ports

and the seas,wherever you´re ready

to listen and to lend a hand.

Without a home,without a glorious day,

happy and satisfied you fly with the wind.

Rudy Jacket,with a scarf made out of silk,

a white shirt and two lips like Jagger

in this world of thieves,

who even don´t see you.

Rudy Jacket,two yellow socks and leather-trousers,

sewed tightly and decorated with stars.

In the schoolbooks life has learned to study

and you,who never got really into it,-

in the end you even got the diploma.

You´ve been in Marocco,Turkey and New York,

Playing shows without smog.

Like one who doesn´t know how this will end,

without tiring you go steady in front.

Rudy Jacket,the world is your home

and the people without faith are the smile on your sword.

Rudy Jacket,friend of yesterday,brother of always,-

I know you´ll never stop to dance and to play,-

that´s why I´ll go and find you

live,— with Restonica!

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